Contact The Board/Form Submission

Use the fields below to contact the board. If you have a general comment for the board, use the large text box to type your response. If you have an Architecturally Controlled Improvement Form or Resident Comment/Complaint Form to upload, use file upload boxes to send it to the board.

Submit Architectural Improvement Forms to the board to review.

Any form submitted will be discussed by the board on a bi-weekly basis on or about the 1st and 15th of the month. Formal board responses typically come within 5 days of board decision if Email is selected as the method of contact. A board member will also contact the homeowner ASAP with a verbal notification of the board's decision.  

Forms can be downloaded by using the Form Download page or by clicking this link.

If possible, please try to submit forms and supporting documents in PDF format. Having all the documents in a single PDF file is even better.

Architecturally Controlled Improvement Forms require a Lot Diagram with the proposed improvements marked in RED as well as any supporting documentation that will assist the board in understanding the intent of the homeowner. Please note that any form submitted with incomplete information, without supporting documentation, or in violation of the Meadows at Bachman Run Declarations will be denied and require resubmission. Please review the MBR Declarations located at this link to determine the requirements for your specific type of request. If you are unsure of the requirements for your request, use the large text box to submit a message to the board for clarification.

Resident Comment/Complaint Forms will not be accepted anonymously. The form requires the contact information of the complainant as well as a signature in order for the board to address the complaint and formulate a response as well as reach out to the complainant for any follow-up information.